The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner works with a number of partner agencies including criminal justice, Community Safety Partnerships and the voluntary sector.

The PCC has the power to commission services and award grants to any organisation that supports his priorities and will help to cut crime.

Community Safety Partnerships

The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner works with district Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) - each made up of representatives from the police, local councils, fire, health and probation services.

The PCC can ask for a report from a local authority on an issue of concern. He also has the power to approve mergers of Community Safety Partnerships and can call the authorities together to discuss issues affecting a specific area.

Kent Police

The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner makes use of Kent Police for support in the areas of:

  • IT
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Legal

Essex Police, and the Eastern Region

In 2007 a decision was taken for Kent Police to collaborate with Essex Police on operational functions and support services. The aim of the collaboration programme is to provide a better service and value for money to the people of Kent and Essex.

Both Police and Crime Commissioners and forces are working together in the following business areas to increase capacity, capability, and resilience; and deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Support Services e.g. business, transport, IT and procurement
  • Serious Crime Directorate to deal with major crime
  • Human Resources, and learning and development

Kent Police and Essex Police are also members of the Seven Force Collaboration along with Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. They work together to ensure taxpayers in the East of England receive best value for money.

7 Force Procurement Supplier Charter

The public sector has a vital role in furthering sustainable development through its procurement of goods, works and services. Our Supplier Charter sets out some basic principles of how we will conduct business in an open, honest and transparent manner and the behaviours and practices we expect of our suppliers and partners from whom we expect the highest standards of business ethics. We expect suppliers to comply fully with all laws, regulations and standards that are applicable to their business and operations and that they will also ensure their suppliers and supply chains comply with this charter.

See the Supplier Charter here



The Police and Crime Commissioner is a member of the Fire Authority and has several projects involving Kent's Fire and Rescue Service.  

The Home Office has recently launched a new Fire England website which you can see here.


Membership of other organisations

The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner also works with partners through a number of multi-agency organisations, including: