The budget for the running of the Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is £1.4million for the year 2020/21, which is less than when Mr Scott came into office, and also less than the costs associated with the old Kent Police Authority which was replaced by the OPCC in 2012.

In addition, the OPCC receives money from Government to use to commission services which support victims and witnesses of crime in Kent.

Spends and grants over £500

The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner is committed to delivering an open and transparent service.

Below you will find details of all outgoings from the OPCC worth more than £500, including any commissioned services and grants awarded, dating back to April 2013.

All outgoings listed are considered necessary for operational purposes and to support the PCC's priorities. All are conducted in line with the financial standing orders which help to ensure value for money.