About the OPCC

The Office of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is a non-political, impartial organisation which exists to support the work of the elected PCC. All posts within the OPCC are politically restricted.

The OPCC currently has an establishment of 22 staff posts. This figure includes two statutory posts - a Chief Executive and a Chief Finance Officer. For a more detailed breakdown of how the office is structured, please view our Organisational Chart here.

The OPCC also receives a range of professional, transactional, support and administrative services provided by Kent Police staff who are employed by the Chief Constable. These services are provided under section 2(5) and paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 2 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

There are no arrangements for the use of local authority staff.

Profile of current OPCC employees

The data below was updated May 2021.  It may not add up to our full establishment of posts due to current vacancies or temporary staff. The below data does not include any members of OPCC staff currently seconded to Kent Police or other organisations.

Gender Number of staff
Female 17
Male 5
Age Number of staff
18-25 1
26-34 6
35-49 8
50+ 7
    Number of staff
 Ethnic minorities  1
Disabled 2
 Salary bands Number of staff
£18,069 - £19,944
(A3 grade)
£19,944 - £23,040
(B grade)
£21,387 - £25,269
(C grade)
£26,949 - £31,941
(E grade)
£33,939 - £38,775
(F grade)
£41,226 - £46,809
(G grade)
£47,877 - £54,093
(H grade)

(statutory posts)