In Kent, Victim Support has been awarded a three-year contract to deliver support services to victims of crime, from Compass House in Ashford.

This contract means:

  • Calls being answered by staff in Kent instead of a regional centre
  • Victims of more crime types being helped
  • An estimated 75,000 people receiving support each year
  • Using a wider range of contact methods so more victims can access support
  • Delivering greater support in community settings
  • Support being offered to 'medium risk' domestic abuse victims, in addition to 'standard risk' victims

If you've been a victim of crime in Kent, you can get help and support from the Kent Victim Support team on 0808 168 9276

Compass Points

Compass Points are Victim Support helpdesks located around the county, enabling victims of crime to access support in the local community.

Visitors can:

  • Drop in to register with the support service
  • Attend pre-booked support sessions
  • Get help and advice from trained Victim Support staff and volunteers
  • Receive tailored support from someone with knowledge of the services in the local area
  • Receive safety items such as personal alarms and home protection devices
  • Access the service without reporting a crime to police

More information about Victim Support's Compass Points, and when they are open near you.

Compass House

Compass House is a facility in Kent which provides and coordinates services for victims and witnesses of crime. 

Among the staff working at Compass House are teams from the Victim Support charity and the Kent Police Witness Care Unit.

The long-term aim is that Compass House will provide integrated services to victims and witnesses of crime, which includes help, advice and support to improve the experience of going through the criminal justice system, in partnership with agencies across the county.