Two types of funding have been made available to the PCC for domestic abuse and sexual violence.  The submission dates have now closed, and successful applicants have been notified.

The funding will target organisations providing tailored support to female and/or male victims who have experienced DA, rape or sexual abuse at any point in their life. 

These services help victims of SV or DA cope with the impacts of crime and, as far as  possible, recover from the harm they have experienced.  The DA / SV uplift funding relates to the financial year 2021/22 only and the ISVA / IDVA funding relates to 2021/22 and 2022/23


Funding for additional Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs) and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) which is a funding scheme available over 2021/22 and 2022/23.  The funding below applies only in financial year 2021/2022.

Service Purpose £
Dads Unlimited: 1:1 mentoring A mentoring support service for men affected by emotional, financial Domestic abuse. 1 full time IDVA and 1 full time IDVA Manager 71,026.68
East Kent Rape Crisis Centre A support service for victim of Sexual abuse. One to one & family counselling and therapeutic support. 1 full time IDVA and 1 full time ISVA post. 59,746.00
Family Matters Rape & Sexual abuse counselling and support services for victims and their families. 1 full time ISVA post. 33,872.00
Kent & Medway NHS Trust New programme combining mental health support, and support for Domestic abuse and Sexual abuse victims. 1 full time combined Mental health IDVA and 1 full time Sexual health ISVA post. 34,107.00
Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Sevice (KIDAS)  For victims of Domestic abuse and Sexual abuse, counselling, support services and housing advice across Kent. 4 full time IDVA posts 133,333.33
New Leaf Supporting victims of Domestic abuse to rebuild their lives through therapy and counselling. 3 part time IDVA posts. 44,145.00
Oasis DA Service Supporting victims of Domestic abuse in Medway. 1 full time IDVA post. 42,525.00
Rising Sun Providing support services for victims of Domestic abuse, children and families. 3 full time IDVA posts. 116,574.00
SATEDA Counselling support to victims of Domestic abuse, advocacy and education to end the cycle of Domestic abuse. 2 full time IDVA and 1 full time Child/young person IDVA post. 67,014.31
Sign Health Bespoke support in sign language to hearing impaired victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. 2 full time IDVA posts. 61,920.00

Service Purpose £
East Kent Rape Crisis Centre Dedicated ISVA working with students affected by Sexual violence 68,800.50
Family Matters Dedicated ISVA working with those affected by Sexual violence in gangs 68,800.50


Service Purpose £
Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse                  Project to support families bereaved by domestic abuse 12,660.00
Choices domestic abuse (Oasis) Domestic abuse support in Medway 26,236.20
Dad’s Unlimited:                          Funding towards 1:1 mentoring. 25,197.24
Dandelion Time Funding to assist Dandelion Time to continue to run it therapeutic family support programme for victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse 23,225.00
DAVSS:                                      For the provision of a full-time Help Line Manager in relation to domestic abuse. 17,616.40
East Kent Rape Crisis Delivery of intensive family therapy to help rebuild relationships. 11,040.00
Family Matters Additional services in respect of counselling. Additional services in respect of counselling.         40,000.00
Fresh Visions People Ltd:         Provision of counselling for domestic abuse victims  22,263.50
Health Action Charity To help fund the Hidden Truth programme supporting African men living in Medwayin abusive domestic relationships 15,480.00
KIDAS       To support the countywide domestic abuse contract and to recruit additional  domestic abuse staff.                                          72,664.66
Mankind:                                  Support male victims of domestic abuse               8,000.00
Mary Dolly Foundation To increase capacity for counselling to support domestic abuse victims. 32,400.00
Medaille Trust                        Funding to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence, who are also victims of modern slavery   17,384.00
NSPCC Letting the Future In programme which supports young people affected by sexual  violence.  Funding towards a child service practitioner.        10,000.00
Restorative Solutions Funding to support a restorative Adolescent to Parent Violence programme. 33,750.00
Rubicon Cares Provision of trauma counselling for Domestic abuse and sexual violence victims. 19,366.00
Salus                                    Funding to deliver a structured DA resilience programme to 35 children across Kent who have been impacted by DA.    30,000.00
Victim Support              Funding to secure additional resources to work with referred victims of stalking.               24,062.00