Published 23rd Feb

CoPACC award.jpg


Kent’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner given highest Transparency Award.


For the fifth year running, the Office of Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner has been presented with CoPACC’s Open and Transparent Quality Mark, with a “highly commended” as an additional honour.


CoPACC, the police governance body, assesses how Police and Crime Commissioners are fulfilling their statutory obligation to transparency every year, using Home Office guidelines. They base their results on how much information is disclosed and how easy it is to find on PCC’s websites.


Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, said he was delighted by the news that yet again, his office has won the Quality Mark.


“I always welcome scrutiny and think the public has the right to know how their money is being spent. If people can see what we’re doing, they are more likely to trust us.”