June 12th

PCC secures Home Office funding to tackle youth violence in Kent


knife crime.jpg


The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner has received £1,160,000 in funding from the Home Office to continue the work of the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), to tackle hotspots of violence across the County. The funding will be used to ensure a swift response whenever violence takes place and ensure that Kent Police and other services are able to work with communities to make places safer.


In Kent the levels of overall crime are falling, but levels of violence are still too high. The VRU will work with communities to fund local services that help divert young people into positive activities so that they are kept safe and can avoid being drawn into crime and the violence that is associated with it.

Mark Powell, Director of the VRU, said,

This helps us to continue our work to prevent harm in the County. We will focus on tackling County Lines drug supply, the harm that comes from people carrying knives and weapons, and robberies. Our work will support communities to be safer and we will create opportunities for young people to do well. By doing this the County will be a safer place for all residents’