Published 17 January 2020

MS with Kit Malthouse and Priti Patel.jpg

Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, met with Home Secretary Priti Patel and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse, earlier this week.

Mr Scott used the opportunity to highlight his progress on recruiting more police and to ask whether more could be done to support police staff and Special Constables.

He said: ‘There’ll be more than 500 more police officers in Kent by March, compared to when I was elected. I was determined to get more boots on the ground to fight crime and be visible in our local neighbourhoods. Kent Police is not only delivering the increase in numbers that I have been driving, but is already training the first of the 20,000 extra officers promised by the Government.

‘I will continue to make the case for Kent’s share.”

Kent Police had 3182 full time police officers when Mr Scott was elected in spring 2016. The force is on track to have 3,714 – an increase of 532 – in March 2020. 450 of those extra officers have been funded by Mr Scott’s decisions and the support of council taxpayers, and the rest are being funded by central Government.

By March 2023, the national programme to boost police numbers by 20,000 should see Kent benefit from another 440.

In a separate meeting with Mr Malthouse, Mr Scott raised the support that could be offered through a Police Covenant.

He said: ‘A Police Covenant, together with tougher sentences for those who assault our officers, is much needed and will provide real support to those who put themselves in harm’s way and work hard to keep us safe. My hope is that we can include police staff in this as they are part of the fight against crime too. We also need to see what more we can do to support Kent’s award-winning Special Constabulary.’