Published 30 July 2020

Passing Out Parade July 2020.jpg

Kent Police now boasts 3,800 police officers – surpassing its strength from March 2010.

Thanks to investment raised by the Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott, plus the first local recruits of the Government’s 20,000 uplift campaign, figures published today by the Home Office show Kent Police had 3,780 full-time equivalent officers at the end of March 2020.

And with recruitment continuing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Kent’s own internal figures show officer numbers reached 3,800 at the end of June.

A delighted Mr Scott said:

‘Kent Police has 618 more full-time officers than when I came into office in spring 2016. That is a fantastic achievement and I pay credit to the Chief Constable and his team for delivering that.

'I have attended two Passing Out Parades in July and it is always a pleasure to witness the next generation of officers begin the next stage of their careers with Kent Police.’

Mr Scott added:

‘I also want to thank the people of Kent and Medway who, through their council tax, have funded these new police officers. Residents told me they wanted more police in their communities and we are now seeing them coming through in significant numbers.

‘Importantly, as we saw from the crime statistics published last week, they are having an impact on crime levels. The things that I know really concern people like burglary and knife crime are down. With more recruits on the way, and by investing more in crime prevention too, I hope to see that positive trend continue.’

Kent Police continues to recruit additional Police Constables, PCSOs and support staff. Visit the Kent Police website for information on current vacancies and how to apply.