Published Wednesday 18 November

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Matthew Scott, Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, has supported calls for a bespoke strategy to support male victims of violence on International Men’s Day (Thursday 19 November).


The campaign has been started by The Men and Boys Coalition, an informal but cohesive and mutually supportive network of responsible groups, organisations, academics, journalists, commentators and leaders who are committed to taking action on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys.


The bespoke strategy would mean that men and boys would no longer be considered victims of ‘Violence Against Women and Girls’, whilst also supporting prevention and giving victims better support.


Matthew said, ‘As a voice for victims in policing and criminal justice system, it’s important that PCCs speak up for everyone and improve the support they receive. I have long campaigned for better recognition of men as victims of domestic abuse – which the Crime Survey estimates is about one third of cases. I’ve commissioned extra help for victims and worked with Kent Police to provide extra training on the issue.


‘A bespoke strategy for men and boys would enable the issues they face to get the attention they need and the focus of the work to end Violence Against Women and Girls can be enhanced’.


Work that Matthew has done in this area includes:


  • Funding to Dads Unlimited to support fathers and families
  • Training by Mankind Initiative for Police Officers and Staff after helping secure Home Office funding
  • Funding to DAVSS to support male victims of domestic abuse


Matthew added: ‘For me, this campaign has always been about securing extra resources to support all victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. I will continue this work locally for victims in Kent’.


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