Published 28 July 2020

Matthew Scott, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, is receiving £111,005 from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund to help prevent crime in Gillingham.
The money will be spent on things like improvements to CCTV and home security equipment; as well as graffiti cleaning, community events, and new bins. The funding will also support community policing in and around the area of the High Street.

Welcoming the news, Mr Scott said:

‘Installing additional security measures can help prevent acquisitive crimes, like burglaries, which have a devastating impact on the victims and the wider neighbourhood too. This money could make a real difference to the local area.’
The £111,005 was awarded by the Government after Mr Scott’s office submitted a bid into its Safer Streets Fund. Gillingham is one of dozens of areas across the country to benefit from more than £22million of investment.
Crime and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse said:

‘Persistent street crime and burglary have a corrosive effect on a neighbourhood, leaving people apprehensive about leaving their homes, and afraid of what they might encounter when they return.
‘But simple modifications like better street lighting or CCTV can do a lot to prevent crime. So alongside more focussed thief-taking by the police, these projects should have a big impact on the communities hardest hit by burglars, robbers and villains in general.’
Locally, the money is on top of funding Mr Scott raised for the Chief Constable to invest in more police officers – including dedicated town centre PCs for Gillingham – and the multi-agency Medway Task Force.
PCC Mr Scott added:

‘Kent Police and our partners have been working together to bring crime down and make our streets safer. Proof of this was seen in the latest round of crime data. It is my hope that, by investing in enforcement and crime prevention initiatives, we will see this downward trend continue.’