Published 7 August 2019

1610 tunbridge wells.jpg

Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has formally ceased discussions with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council about the possible sale of Tunbridge Wells Police Station.

The council first approached the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner prior to Mr Scott’s election but the PCC has decided to put an end to the discussions.

He said:

‘Having carefully considered all the information available, and the impact on local residents and businesses, I have decided against selling Tunbridge Wells Police Station.

‘A sale would not be a good enough deal for the taxpayer at this time and would leave Tunbridge Wells without a police station, which is unacceptable to me.

‘I travel all over Kent, listening to residents about their policing concerns and priorities. Since my election in May 2016, residents have consistently made it clear how important a strong local policing presence is to communities. I have strived to deliver this through 450 extra police officers, making it easier to report crime and speaking up for victims.

‘I am therefore not prepared to sell Tunbridge Wells Police Station at this time and am committed to keeping a police station in the town.’