Published 3 May 2019

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The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Matthew Scott has welcomed Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s commitment to better protect police drivers from investigation and potential prosecution.
The Home Office has said emergency police responders and those pursuing criminals, including on mopeds, should not face investigation into careless and dangerous driving offences providing the pursuit was justified and proportionate.
Mr Scott, who spoke with the Home Secretary about the issue when he visited Kent last week, commented:

‘Currently, legislation fails to take into account the training that police response drivers receive. This has resulted in some police officers facing lengthy investigations into their conduct when, in reality, they have simply been drawing upon their professional training to fight crime and ensure our roads are safe.
‘I am pleased that the Government has listened to the concerns of police officers and the public and is now seeking to remedy this.
‘We have already seen the Government introduce legislation to double the sentencing for offenders who assault police officers and other emergency staff and next month Finn’s Law will come into force which recognises the severity of attacking a police dog. All these legislative measures have my full support.’

Mr Scott added:

‘Locally, I have agreed to the Chief Constable’s request to invest in additional training and equipment so that any police officers who wishes to carry a Taser can do so, and I have spoken in support of Kent Police’s use of spitguards to protect officers.
‘Our brave police officers and staff - and animals - do an incredibly tough job protecting our communities. They deserve our protection in return.’