Published 9 October 2019


The elected Police and Crime Commissioner is delighted that Kent is receiving central Government funding for an additional 147 police officers.

Matthew Scott said: ‘With the support of my office and local council tax-payers, Kent Police was already on target to have 450 more police officers by March 2020 than when I came into office. New roles have been created to boost rural policing, roads policing, town centre policing; and to tackle issues like domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and burglary in our communities.

‘Today we have heard that, in addition to those 450 new recruits, Kent is to receive 147 police officers from the first allocation of the Government’s 20,000. These will be recruited over the next 18 months, by March 2021.

‘These 147 officers will take Kent’s establishment to 3,779 full time police officers – in excess of summer 2010 numbers.’

Mr Scott, pictured above at Kent Police College with Home Secretary Priti Patel, added: ‘I am delighted that, having had to take some tough decisions locally, we are turning things around while protecting our invaluable Police Community Support Officers and supporting our Special Constabulary and Volunteer Police Cadets too.’

Anyone interested in working for, or volunteering with, Kent Police can find out more online - or in person at the PCC’s free Blue Light Jobs Fair in Swanley on Thursday November 14.