Published 9 January 2019

1605 HQ first day.jpg

A message from the Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott:

In the last three years, I have worked hard to provide Kent Police with the resources they need to fight crime, catch criminals and be visible in our towns and villages.

I’ve delivered 270 more police officers. I’ve protected all 300 of Kent Police's PCSOs. 101 waiting times are starting to come down. There’s more help for victims of crime. And I helped fund the return of police cadets.

We are all so grateful for the hard work of Kent Police officers, staff and volunteers. They do difficult and dangerous things to keep us safe, day in, day out.

But with the extra demand they face we simply need more of them.

With your support, as council tax payers, I would like to do more. So I’m proposing this:

For an increase in the policing element of council tax of £2 a month for a Band D property in 2019/20, I can provide Kent Police with another 180 fully-warranted police officers.

This is not about just replacing those who leave, but increasing officer numbers further to continue the biggest recruitment drive in Kent Police’s history.

I don’t take decisions to increase your council tax lightly. I always make sure your money is well spent and Kent Police will have to make £10m of efficiency savings next year too.

More officers will enable Kent Police to catch even more criminals, target gangs and violence, boost visible policing and help more victims.

My plan means that by next year there will be 450 more police officers in Kent than when I was elected. I'll also have funded over 100 additional police staff posts too.

I hope that you can support this.

Let me know your views by emailing me by Tuesday January 29.