Published 24 May 2018

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Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has welcomed Government plans announced today to help cut re-offending by enabling prisoners to develop new skills and get jobs on release.
Re-offending costs £15billion a year and is one of the key priorities identified by Mr Scott in Safer In Kent, his Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan. The Jobs Strategy will see prison governors given control of education in their jails and offenders given training to match local needs.
Mr Scott said:

'This plan will help people to turn their lives around and lead them away from a life of crime. Re-offending can blight communities, and it is incumbent on us all to work together to help keep our residents safe. I have supported a number of projects such as Magnate Generation CIC in Folkestone who are reducing re-offending by helping people set up their own businesses. This strategy will ensure more people are job ready when they are released.'

Ex-offenders in employment are up to nine percentage points less likely to commit further crime. At present, however, just 17% of offenders are in P45 employment a year after release.

The PCC added:

'I have visited all the prisons in Kent to see first-hand the challenges we face. Prison Officers and Governors are working hard in difficult circumstances. I hope that, following this plan, we can next look to improve mental health provision in jails, where we know we have increasing issues.'