Published 21 August 2018

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Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott is offering charities and other community groups the opportunity to bid for up to £10,000 each to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods.

The Safer In Kent Fund, worth £100,000 in total, is open for bids until Tuesday 11 September. Applicants should be able to offer evidence to support the need for their project and demonstrate how it will help make their area safer in the long-term.

Examples of such projects could include diversionary activities, training, crime prevention equipment, awareness campaigns or clean-up kits.

Mr Scott said:

‘Preventing crime and anti-social behaviour requires teamwork between the police and local neighbourhoods and I am pleased to be able to support this ongoing effort with funding for locally-based initiatives. I welcome bids from charities, Community Interest Companies and other groups that will help Kent Police prevent criminality and anti-social behaviour and hopefully stop people from becoming victims of crime.’

The results of the funding round will be announced at the end of September.

Mr Scott added:

‘In addition to this funding, the Kent Police recruitment campaign continues meaning there will be 270 more Police Officers by March 2019 than when I was elected, and I have been able to help protect all 300 PCSO posts. I’m also working with Kent Police to make it faster and easier to report crime and anti-social behaviour.’